New York Knicks Poster

I’ve got a new poster out and for sale NOW! Unofficially commemorating the New York Knicks’ 2024 Playoffs run. New York Forever.

Signed and numbered edition of 100 available HERE.

Oscar Predictions


I’ve been obsessed with the Oscars since the late 90’s, as frivolous as this may seem. My friend– the same friend who coined the nickname Nostragamgee for me in college due to my predictive intuitions– asked me for a video with my Oscar predictions. So here is that video.

SEP: Saul Bass Oscar

Saturday Evening Poster

Saul Bass designed five Oscar posters. My favorite is this one, for the 66th annual ceremony in 1994, a year that saw me fully obsessed with movies at the age of thirteen (JURASSIC PARK theme plays…).

I don’t know if I clocked this poster at the time. But the Helvetica Bold caps set to ultra, ultra wide kerning, Nolan style, has found its way into my work as an elegant structural choice a number of times. Gorgeous!

Top 30 of 2023

My Top 30 Films of 2023

Had fun edting this montage of my favorite films of the year. More stuff like this may occasionally pop up on my YouTube page, so subscribe if you like.



Had an idea for a pair of DUNE posters, as I’ve been geeking out a little on these movies. So I made them super quick. Nice to not be too precious and just get the idea out. You don’t have many coupons for “giant eye” posters, but I’m using em.